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*** FROZEN ***
Anna & Kristoff

The costumes of Anna & Kristoff was after half a year finally able to have their first run at their first convention in Denmark.
I’ve worked so hard and long on these that to finally get them out in the open, filed me with such joy that I can’t even being to describe.
(so if any doubt - I crafted both costumes from head to toe ;) )

I’m still missing Anna’s cape, Hat & Gloves, and the same for Kristoff, his Gloves and Hat - But sadly I’m at the moment without a job, so I simply haven’t been able to afford the missing materials - so hopefully once I get a job again, I’ll be able to finish them completely - hopefully just in time for winter :D

I honestly love my friend for wanting to be my Kristoff and for pulling so many hours at my place as I crafted the costume & wig for him.
Also at the convention I had the most wonderful Elsa (Samie Cosplay) & my wonderful younger sister as Sven (Lillyn Cosplay) in her own “humanoid” vision of him - SO ADORABLE I TELL YOU!

More love to the already overly loved; Disney’s Frozen <3

"Anna" is cosplayed by myself: Lupin Cosplay
"Kristoff" is cosplayed by my friend Nicklas.

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